Doulce memoire - a French recital

The title of this recital programme, “Doulce memoire”, also the title of a famous Renaissance chanson, implies the most captivating and enhancing aspects of French music: sweetness tinged with melancholy and the fine art of subtle expression, which is not obvious or cried out, but which nevertheless deeply touches the inner senses.

This programme travels through time with French music - starting with the mysterious Ars subtilior from 14th century and its beautiful manuscripts, over enchanting and virtuoso embellishments of famous Renaissance chansons, ending with highly virtuoso finger work in a galante Concerto.

With works by J. de Senleche, P. Sandrin, Fr. Couperin, J.-D. Braun and M. Blavet.

Doulce memoire -  a French recital