“It is to be all made of fantasy, all made of passion and all made of wishes” William Shakespeare

Imagination, fantasy, dreams, the obscure - these are topics which have fed the desire, the inspiration and the fascination of artists throughout time; in the Baroque era as well as today. This recital programme will take you into three different worlds of Fantasy through music and poetry.

With texts by Milton and compositions by G.P. Telemann, M. Locke, C. Dieupart and M. Detri.

How might it have been to be a European star musician in the 18th century? This programme explores the musical world and life of virtuosic French flautist Pierre Gabriel Buffardin (1690-1768).

He was born in Avignon, moved then to Dresden to become a member of one of the most exciting and internationally influenced orchestras of that time, the Dresden court orchestra, and he spent his retirement in Paris, again surrounded by a flourishing musical scene. This profile of an artist, with a highly regarded teaching and orchestral position, influenced by different countries and musical metropolises, is actually very similar to a star musician’s profile today.

With works by T. Albinoni, J. D. Braun and J. J. Quantz and J. S. Bach.

The title of this recital programme, “Doulce memoire”, also the title of a famous Renaissance chanson, implies the most captivating and enhancing aspects of French music: sweetness tinged with melancholy and the fine art of subtle expression, which is not obvious or cried out, but which nevertheless deeply touches the inner senses.

This programme travels through time with French music - starting with the mysterious Ars subtilior from 14th century and its beautiful manuscripts, over enchanting and virtuoso embellishments of famous Renaissance chansons, ending with highly virtuoso finger work in a galante Concerto.

With works by J. de Senleche, P. Sandrin, Fr. Couperin, J.-D. Braun and M. Blavet.

This programme connects German poems of Hermann Hesse, which explore dreams, fantasies and the soul, with some of the 12 Fantasies for solo flute by G. Ph. Telemann.

The 12 Fantasies do not follow the strict composition rules of the Baroque era and demand fantasy and imagination from the composer, the interpreter and the listener. They are little miniatures of Baroque musical speech and affect and can transport us to the French court, an Italian opera house or into nature.

They are combined with matching poems by Hesse and works by Albinoni, Hotteterre and Bach. This programme includes a new piece by Cameron Dodds, “A portrait of Telemann”, which was especially commissioned for this project and was premiered in February 2016.

With: Satoko Doi Luck, harpsichord and Marie-Luise Werneburg, poetry performance

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