ensemble con|tactus

The young members of ensemble con|tactus met at the conservatoires in Bremen, Frankfurt and Berlin. They are not only connected through the sheer joy of playing and discovering old works with a new and fresh approach, but also through a long-standing friendship. Special are their unconventional concert programmes: They arrange their own Suites Fantastiques (a Suite consisting of instrumental movements from different French baroque operas), discover forgotten treasures of the „Berliner Klassik“, use creatively the talents of the multi-instrumentalists of the group, get the concert hall swinging with percussion and are always good at one or another surprise in their encores.

Les Salonnieres

Inspired by the salons of the 18th and 19th centuries, Les Salonnières seek to revive this tradition of sharing philosophical ideas through music, poetry and art. Playing on historical instruments, Les Salonniéres brings the sound world of the past to the present with the repertoire of classical trios as their focus. Also important to them is the role of women in salon culture, who, through their curation of these salons, claimed their freedom to express themselves both intellectually and creatively and be at the forefront of cultural development. 

Formed in 2014, Lux Musicae London is a group of young professionals who have come together to explore Renaissance and Early Baroque repertoire up to the late 17th century. They explore the profound relationship between text, voice and instruments in a mixed consort setting.


Young artists of the Brighton Early Music festival 2016; finalists of the Concours internationales des journees de musiques anciennes Paris.

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